Slow up. Breathe. You can change yourself. Reduce pain, tension and fatigue. Gain confidence. Connect with yourself to nourish presence and mobility. Feeling better leads to performing better in all areas of your life. The Alexander Technique is a method for living better through your own mindfulness in action.

F.M. Alexander wrote, "the most valuable knowledge one can possess is that of the use and functioning of the self."

Lori Schiff teaches the Alexander Technique at The Juilliard School and at institutions, performing arts festivals and conferences across the country and internationally.

She has been teaching the Alexander Technique for more than 30 years to performers, athletes, business professionals, professors, writers, kids, high school and college students, doctors, lawyers, creative artists and anyone who wishes to improve the way they live and to do what they do.

You can find her students in major orchestras and opera companies, on stages and in courtrooms, military posts, studios, classrooms, offices and athletic venues.

Ms. Schiff teaches globally onsite and online. She is available for introductory presentations, master classes, seminars, and private lessons. Her studio is in New York City, NY.