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by Lori Schiff

Adapting to Remote Instruction and Learning to Teach Online
With Noa Kageyama, June 2021

Presence in the Performing Arts
Longitude Sound Bytes

The Alexander Technique: At Home With Yourself
Mind Over Finger Podcast with ReneePaul Gauthier episode 080, November 6, 2020

How the Alexander Technique Can Enhance Learning and Performing Under Pressure
Interview with Dr. Noa Kagiyama


Ms. Schiff is featured in this piece about the
Alexander Technique for Musicians:

"Fine Tuning" by Madeline Rogers, Symphony Magazine, Winter 2015
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"Faculty Portrait," The Juilliard Journal, May 2015

Music School Interview:
Alexander Technique: Juilliard faculty member Lori Schiff shares more about the practice of Alexander Technique and what students can expect.
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Unsmudged: An Encounter with Peggy Williams, a First Generation Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Nanette Walsh, An Off the Common Book, Amherst, Mass. 2018.

Physical Expression on Stage and Screen
Using the Alexander Technique to Create Unforgettable Performances
Bill Connington, Bloomsbury, c. 2014

Body Learning, M. Gelb, Henry Holt and Co., c. 1981

Master the Art of Running: Raising Your Performance with the Alexander Technique, M. Balk and A Shields, Collins and Brown, c. 2006

The Alexander Technique for Musicians, J. Kleinman and P. Buckocke, Bloomsbury, c. 2013

Back Trouble, a New Approach to Prevention and Recovery, D. Caplan, Triad Publishing Co., c. 1987


The Alexander Technique: Musician's Method for Improvement
Produced by L. Schiff with Jonathan Estabrooks, Estastar Productions

Jessica Wolf's Art of Breathing
Available at


American Society for the Alexander Technique

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique